Let’s be friends.

My name is Victoria Petersen. I was born a Texan but raised as a Midwest girl in rural town Ohio. I ran track, competitively, as a sprinter for ten years. I majored in Christian studies and psychology at Hillsdale College. Now, I am married to my sweet husband, Jacob, and I am a mom to a baby boy, Leyonder.

My experience in foster care has fueled my life’s passion to raise up and nurture my own family, as well as advocate for the restoration of the family and vulnerable youth.

People tend to have many questions about my upbringing. I strive to be vulnerable and authentic. I am not bashful about my experiences. I enjoy answering questions about my unique life, but more so, I love speaking about the Hope and Redemption Christ has given me through His death and resurrection.

I’d also love to learn about you! This blog is a space to learn about one another and love each other despite what we might find uncomfortable. You’ll find that I’m unapologetically myself and I think you’ll find yourself more vulnerable if you stick around.

Thank you for showing up. Mine and His arms open.